9 January 2024 - Finance Committee

Draft Minutes 

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee held 18:00hrs Tuesday, 09 January 2024 in the Parish Office, Sutton Bridge.

Present: Cllr Bruch, Cllr Middleton, Cllr Philpott, Mrs C Smith (Parish Clerk), Mrs K Croxford (Admin Assistant).

24.001. Apologies were received from Cllr Perkins. In the absence of the chair, it was resolved to elect Cllr Bruch as chair of the meeting.

24.002. There were no declarations of disclosable interests received.

24.003. It was resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held 29 August 2023. 

24.004. Members worked through the headings of the draft budget as circulated.

i. The following payment budget headings were noted.

• Staffing £68,296.00

• Administration £14,987.00

• Open Spaces £32,260.00

• Allotments £635.00

• Farm £2103.00

• Burial Ground £2002.00

• Grants £6678.00

• S137 £458.00

• Ear Marked Reserves £5000.00

ii. It was resolved to recommend to full council the draft budget, setting the precept at £96.005 for 2024/25.


There being no other business, the chair closed the meeting at 20.35 hrs.