14 March 2023 Annual Assembly of Sutton Bridge Parish Meeting

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Notice is hereby given of the


To be held at the Curlew Centre on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 Commencing at 18:00hrs

Refreshments served from 17.45hrs

To be chaired by Cllr Anne Scarlett (chair of the Parish Council)

The Meeting may discuss any matter affecting the Parish.

The business to be transacted at the meeting will be.

     i.    Welcome and introduction by the chair of Sutton Bridge Parish Council.

     ii.   Apologies for absence.

     iii.  To approve the minutes of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Parish Meeting held on 17 January 2023.

     iv.  To receive a report from chairman of the parish council.

     vi.  To receive a report from the clerk to the parish council.

     vii.  To receive information about the 04 May Elections.

  • Information for voters.
  • Information for candidates
  • Request for poll clerks.

     viii. To receive an update on proposals for a new pavilion in the Memorial Park.

     ix.   To receive an update on the management of the District Council parks in the Parish, affecting plans for new park play equipment.

     x.    To consider proposals for a community wood.

     xi.   Questions and other matters members of the public may wish to raise.

Convened by Cllr Anne Scarlett, chair of Sutton Bridge Parish Council

Anne Scarlett

02 March 2023