28 February 2023 Parish Council Meeting

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Notice is hereby given, and all members of the Council are asked to attend a meeting of the Parish Council 19:00hrs Tuesday, 28 February 2023 in the Bridge Room, The Curlew Centre, Sutton Bridge.

Robert Smith

Clerk to Sutton Bridge Parish Council
23 February 2023

Information for councillors, staff, members of the public, & press.

  • Please do not attend the meeting if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please arrive five minutes before the time of the meeting. Late arrivals may not be admitted.
  • As indicated below, 15 minutes is set aside when a short statement may be made, or a question asked, individual members of the public may speak for a maximum of 5 minutes. Anyone wishing to speak should raise their hand and wait to be asked by the chair. A question shall not require a response nor start a debate. Unless otherwise indicated, members of the public may not speak at any other time.
  • To minimise the length of the meeting, councillors are asked to read briefing papers before the meeting and to keep comments brief and to the point.


1.To elect a chair for the meeting.

2.To note members’ attendance and to receive apologies for absence.

3.To receive declarations of disclosable interests and to consider requests for dispensation.

4.Public Participation.

01.To receive representations relating to matters on the agenda.

02.To receive representations or questions on other matters.

5.To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting 31 January 2023.

6.To receive any police matters.

01.To consider attendance at a follow-up meeting to the Participatory Budgeting programme on 21 April 2023.

02.The Suttons Neighbourhood Policing Team March newsletter.

03.Any other matters.

7.To receive the chair’s report.

8.To receive the clerk’s report / outstanding matters not on the agenda.

9.To receive reports on District (SHDC) & Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) matters.

10.Financial matters.

01.To approve the January cash book and bank reconciliation.

02.To approve payments to 28 February 2023 as table below with any late payments as reported by the clerk, and to note the two members authorising bank payments.

Payee Detail Net £ VAT £ Total £
Adobe Acrobat Clerk Adobe Subscription  £12.64 £2.53 £15.17
Adobe Acrobat Admin Adobe Subscription  £16.64 £3.33 £19.97
SSE  Electricity 09/12- 10/01/23 £183.46 £9.17 £192.63
Cozens  Removal of Christmas Lights £1,050.00 £210.00 £1,260.00
JAH Gardens & Grounds Sir Peter Scott Rd Maintenance  £180.00   £180.00
Talk Talk  Calls & Broadband £36.50 £7.30 £43.80
SMC  Pavilion Monthly Legionella -Jan £60.00 £12.00 £72.00
Mrs K Croxford Travel Expenses £2.16   £2.16
Mrs K Croxford Home Allowance  £10.00   £10.00
Oglesby & Limb Ltd  Stage 1 Interim Fee £5,000.00 £1,000.00 £6,000.00
Savills  Land Rent Sept 22- March 23 £835.00   £835.00
Mrs K Croxford SB Wombles Black Bags  £21.86 £4.37 £26.23
Mrs K Croxford SB Wombles Black Bags  £21.86 £4.37 £26.23
Mrs K Croxford SB Wombles Cable ties £25.30 £5.06 £30.36
Mrs K Croxford SB Wombles Litterpicker Pro £13.74 £2.75 £16.49
Mrs K Croxford SB Wombles Litterpicker  £5.79 £1.16 £6.95
Kwik Signs SB Wombles Sign  £60.00 £12.00 £72.00
Kwik Signs SB Wombles Hi -Vis £6.25 £1.25 £7.50
SMC  Pavilion Monthly Legionella -Feb £160.00 £32.00 £192.00
SSE Electricity 11/01- 08/02/23 £165.35 £8.26 £173.61
The Curlew Centre Room  Hire January 2023 £52.50   £52.50
XBM Photocopier 17/01- 21/02/23 £14.92 £2.99 £17.91
Mr R Smith  Home Allowance  £26.00   £26.00
Mr R Smith  Travel Expenses £20.25   £20.25
Staff  Salaries  £2,597.56   £2,597.56
Mr R Smith  Mobile Phone Allowance £10.00   £10.00
Mrs K Croxford Mobile Phone Allowance £10.00   £10.00
Mr D Lambert  Electric Home Allowance £11.00   £11.00
Lincs Pension Fund  WYPF Pension Contributions £864.34   £864.34
Total   £11,473.12 £1,318.54 £12,791.66

03.To note receipts since last meeting: burial fees £950.00; District Councillor Wombles’ grant £500.00; District Councillors coronation event grant £900.00; bank interest £192.00.

11.To note recent correspondence.

01.Information on the National Lottery Community Partnerships Fund

02.Clerk’s refusal of Freedom of Information (FOI) request because the information is already published on the Parish Council’s website (N.B. a prior FOI request is to be considered under agenda item 26).

03.The clerk’s response to matters of concern received relating to the new pavilion committee.

04.The clerk’s response to letter from resident concerning plans for the proposed new pavilion.

05.The clerk’s response to comments concerning plans for the proposed new pavilion.

06.The clerk’s response to concern about tree felling at the Port of Sutton Bridge.

07.Update on the ongoing obstruction of Sutton Bridge Public Byway No. 503.

12.To consider planning applications.

01.H18-0135-23: 92 Peters Point Road, PE12 9UX. Condition Compliance.

02.H18-0090-23: Rear of 2 Wharf Street, PE12 9UF. Condition Compliance.

03.Any late applications.

13.Planning appeal

01.To note comments submitted by the clerk in the planning appeal for 123 dwellings north of Sutton Bridge.

14.To note District Council planning decisions.

01.Any late received decisions.

15.Highways & footways:

01.To receive update on outstanding matters.

02.To consider the Parish Council’s participation in the Great British Spring Clean 2023.

03.To consider consultation on proposed no waiting at any time and 30mph speed limit extension on West Bank.

04.To consider any other new matters.

16.To receive committee and working party reports.

01.New Pavilion Committee

i.To receive the draft minutes of the last meeting.

ii.To note that MD Surveys undertook the site element of its Topographical Survey on 20 February 2023.

iii.To receive a summary of services included in the Stage 1 interim fee as received from Oglesby & Limb Ltd.

iv.To note that the meeting scheduled for 21 February has been rearranged to 07 March 2023.

02.To call for a Burial Ground Committee meeting to consider a request for a bench in the Garden of Rest.

03.To call for Garden Allotments Committee meeting to consider an inspection held 12 February 2023.

04.An Open Spaces Committee meeting to discuss Memorial Park fees was still to be arranged.

05.CCTV Working Party (N.B. quote for works to be considered in closed session under agenda item 28.01).

17.To receive outside body representative reports.

01.South Holland Parish Voluntary Car Service (SHPVCS)

i.To note clerk’s response to SHPVCS request for information.

ii.To consider attendance at a SHPVCS Special General Meeting to be held 14 March 2023.

02.Sutton in the Wash Emergency Response Team.

i.To consider response from LCCC relating to an emergency planning policy for Sutton Bridge.

03.Any other reports.

18.Council elections being held 04 May 2023.

01.To receive electoral commission poster about the requirement for voter photo ID.

02.To receive copy of presentation given at SHDC clerks’ briefing held 07 February 2023

03.To consider undertaking activities to promote the election.

19.To consider any matter concerning the reopening of Sutton Bridge Power Station.

20.To receive update on discussions with SHDC about the village’s parks.

21.To consider a Community Wood (Cllr S Booth).

22.To consider arrangements for the Coronation event, 06 May 2023.

23.To receive requests from members for items to be included on the agenda of a future meeting.

24.To resolve on moving into closed session on the grounds of confidentiality in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s.1(2).     

25.To consider draft response to resident’s concerns relating to the new pavilion [confidential potential dispute].

26.To consider a Freedom of Information request to release the letter of intent between the Parish Council and Oglesby & Limb Ltd dated 01 February 2023 [confidential potential dispute].

27.To resolve to approve agency arrangements for the maintenance of the East Bank LCC picnic site [confidential terms of tenders, proposals in negotiations].

28.To consider quotes for works [confidential terms of tenders, proposals in negotiations].

01.CCTV installation.

02.Quote for electric utility vehicle service contract.

03.To resolve on final proposals for the purchase of speed indicator devices.

04.Quotes related to the proposed New Pavilion.

05.Any late received quotes.

29.Unauthorised gateway into the Memorial Park.

01.To note receipt of relevant planning permission.

02.To consider next steps.

30.Employment matters [confidential employment conditions, grievance or disciplinary proceedings, personal matters].

01.To receive notes of the Lincolnshire Pension Funds Annual Employer Meeting held 21 February 2023.

02.To note letters sent confirming the 2022-23 pay award of the clerk and administration assistant.

03.Any other matters.