18 April 2023 Parish Council Meeting

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Notice is hereby given, and all members of the Council are asked to attend a meeting of the Parish Council 19:00hrs Tuesday, 18 April 2023 in the Bridge Room, The Curlew Centre, Sutton Bridge.

Robert Smith
Clerk to Sutton Bridge Parish Council
13 April 2023

Information for councillors, staff, members of the public, & press.

  • Please do not attend the meeting if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please arrive five minutes before the time of the meeting. Late arrivals may not be admitted.
  • As indicated below, 15 minutes is set aside when a short statement may be made, or a question asked, individual members of the public may speak for a maximum of 5 minutes. Anyone wishing to speak should raise their hand and wait to be asked by the chair. A question shall not require a response nor start a debate. Unless otherwise indicated, members of the public may not speak at any other time.
  • To minimise the length of the meeting, councillors are asked to read briefing papers before the meeting and to keep comments brief and to the point.


1.     To note members’ attendance and to receive apologies for absence.

2.     To receive declarations of disclosable interests and to consider requests for dispensation.

3.     To receive instructions from the chair about the pre-election period.

4.     Public Participation.

01.      To receive representations from members of the public relating to matters on the agenda.

02.      To receive representations or questions from members of the public on other matters.

5.     To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday, 28 March 2023.

6.     To receive any police matters.

7.     To receive the clerk’s report / outstanding matters not on the agenda.

8.     Financial matters.

01.      To approve the March cash book and bank reconciliation.

02.      To approve payments to 18 April 2023 as table below with any late payments as reported by the clerk, and to note the two members authorising bank payments.

Payee Detail Net £ VAT £ Total £
Adobe Acrobat  Clerk Adobe Subscription          12.64      2.53          15.17
Adobe Acrobat  Admin Adobe Subscription          16.64      3.33          19.97
Heronwood Landscapes Parish Grass Cutting 30th March        105.00          105.00
Heronwood Landscapes Highways  Grass Cutting          63.00            63.00
Heronwood Landscapes Garden of Rest Grass Cutting          65.00            65.00
ICCM  Annual Subscription          95.00            95.00
SBPCC Churchyard Grant      2,750.00       2,750.00
SHIDB  Drainage Rates         751.37          751.37
SMC  Pavilion Monthly Legionella          60.00    12.00          72.00
Talk Talk  Calls & Broadband          39.28      7.86          47.14
Mrs K Croxford  Burial Marking Expenses            5.97      1.19           7.16
Mrs K Croxford  Travel Expenses            2.34             2.34
Mrs K Croxford  Home Office Allowance          10.00            10.00
Mr R Smith  Home Office Allowance          26.00            26.00
Mr R Smith  Travel Expenses            9.90             9.90
Staff Salaries     2,631.56      2,631.56
Mr R Smith  Mobile Phone Allowance          10.00            10.00
Mrs K Croxford Mobile Phone Allowance          10.00            10.00
Mr D Lambert Home Electric Allowance          11.00            11.00
Total       6,674.70    26.91     6,701.61

03.To note receipts: precept £77,036.00; burial ground £400.00; bank interest £177.68; garden allotments £45.34.

04.To approve the financial accounts for y/e 31 March 2023.

05.To approve the bank reconciliation for the year ended 31 March 2023.

06.To approve the asset register as of 31 March 2023

9.To consider recent correspondence.

10.To consider planning applications.

01.H18-0310-23: Boud Minerals & Polymers Warehouse, West Bank Road PE12 9UR. Proposed Open Storage Buildings, Concrete Yard, and Access.

02.H18-0340-23: 66 Bridge Road, PE12 9UA. Replacement rear door and basement windows.

03.Any late applications.

11.To note District Council planning decisions.

01.H18-1174-22:  Land Rear of 158 Bridge Road, PE12 9SF.   Pair of semi-detached dwellings previously approved H18-1070-19. Approved.

02.H18-1073-22:  Fields Farm South, PE12 9XT. Continued use of land as a site for static caravans in residential use in breach of Condition 1 & 2 of H18-0691-03 and Condition 2 of H18-0224-18. Refused.

12.Highways & footways:

01.To receive update on outstanding matters.

02.To consider new matters.

13.To receive committee and working party reports.

14.To receive any outside body representative reports.

15.To consider matters concerning Sutton Bridge Port.

16.To consider arrangements for His Majesty King Charles III coronation event, 06 May 2023.

17.To resolve on moving into closed session on the grounds of confidentiality in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s.1(2).     

18.To consider quotes for works [confidential terms of tenders, proposals in negotiations].

19.To consider matters relating to land registration.

20.To consider staffing & administration matters [confidential conditions of employment, grievance or disciplinary proceedings, personal matters].