28 November Council Meeting

Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting

Summons & Agenda

Notice is hereby given, and all members of the Council are asked to attend a meeting of the Parish Council at 19:00hrs Tuesday, 28 November 2023 in the Bridge Room, The Curlew Centre, Sutton Bridge.

C Smith


23 November 2023



1.To note members’ attendance and to receive apologies for absence.

2.To receive declarations of disclosable interests and to consider requests for dispensation.

3.To receive representations from members of the public [i]

4.To approve the minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, 31 October 2023.

5.To receive any police matters.

6.To receive the chair’s report.

7.To receive the clerk’s report / outstanding matters not on the agenda.

8.To receive reports from District & County Council Councillors.

9.Financial matters.

i.To approve the October 2023 cash book and bank reconciliation.

ii.To approve payments to 26th November 2023 and note the two members authorising bank payments.

iii.To consider an invoice from White Lightning for the extended firework display of £500.

iv.To consider earmarking funding from the capital reserve for the Pavilion Project.

v.To resolve to add the clerk to the bank mandates at TSB and Unity Trust to manage the accounts.

vi.To resolve to change the bank mandate and add additional Cllr signatories to the Unity Trust Bank Account.

vii.To resolve to complete a board of resolution and add additional Cllrs signatories to the TSB account.

viii.To consider a recommendation from the Pavilion Committee to appoint a professional bid writer to complete the levelling up fund application form.

10.To consider recent correspondence.

11.To consider planning applications

12.To note planning comments submitted by the admin assistant in accordance with the Council’s planning policy.

13.To note District Council planning decisions.

14.Committees – to consider reviewing the committee structure to amalgamate Open Spaces with Burial Ground and Allotments. Events to be a stand-alone Committee.

15.To receive Committee Reports

01.New Pavilion - To receive the draft minutes of the last meeting.

02.Garden Allotments’ Committee

03.Open Spaces Committee

04.CCTV Working Party – to receive correspondence from Boston Borough Council and to resolve on how to move forward.

05.Community Speed Watch Working Party.

06.Other committee and working party reports.

16.To receive any outside body representative reports.

17.To consider a Memorial Park application

18.To consider  Emergency Planning and Information

19.To resolve to move into closed session [Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s.1(2).]     

20.To consider confidential individual grave plot matters relating to the burial ground.

21.To consider an allotment matter regarding recouping clearance cost and consider raising deposit level.

22.To consider confidential staffing & administration matters and to resolve appropriately.


[i] Fifteen minutes is set aside to hear from members of the public, when a short statement may be made, or a question asked (3 minutes per person). Anyone wishing to speak should raise their hand and wait to be asked by the chair. A question shall not require a response nor start a debate. Unless otherwise indicated, members of the public may not speak at any other time.