27 June 2023 Parish Council Meeting

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Notice is hereby given, and all members of the Council are duly requested to attend a meeting of Sutton Bridge Parish Council to be held 18:00hrs Tuesday, 27 June 2023 in the Bridge Room of the Curlew Centre, Sutton Bridge

Robert Smith
Clerk to Sutton Bridge Parish Council
22 June 2023

Public Forum.

As indicated below, 15 minutes is set aside when a short statement may be made, or a question asked, individual members of the public may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. Anyone wishing to speak should raise their hand and wait to be asked by the chairman. A question shall not require a response nor start a debate. Unless otherwise indicated, members of the public may not speak at any other time.


1.To note members’ attendance and to receive apologies for absence.

2.To receive declarations of disclosable interests and to consider requests for dispensation.

3.To receive representations from members of the public.

4.To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held  Tuesday, 16 May 2023.

5.To receive any police matters.

01.Letter from police Supt East Area.

6.To receive the chairman’s report.

7.To receive the clerk’s report / outstanding matters not on the agenda.

8.To receive reports from District (SHDC) & County Council (LCC) councillors.

9.Financial matters.

01.To approve the May cash book and bank reconciliation.

02.To approve payments to 27 June 2023.

03.To consider grant applications.

10.To consider recent correspondence.

01.Request to use Memorial Park.

02.Request for a food truck to park in the carpark and serve food.

03.Information on tree planting and community orchards scheme.

04.Resident’s concern about damage to the Memorial Park.

05.Letter from member of the public.

06.Email from member of the public.

07.LALC summer conference invitation.

11.To consider planning applications.

12.To note District Council planning decisions.

13.To consider the notes of a Burial Ground Committee site visit.

14.To consider the minutes of the New Pavilion Committee

15.To consider proposed change in quoracy for the New Pavilion Committee (Cllr Middleton).

16.To consider the minutes of the Open Spaces Committee.

17.To receive other committee and working party reports.

18.To resolve to form a committee for the organisation of outside events (Cllr Perkins).

19.To resolve to form a youth committee (Cllr A Landy).

20.To receive outside body representative reports.

21.To resolve on a statement of support for people affected by drug and alcohol problems (Cllr Billings).

22.To consider matters concerning Sutton Bridge Port.

23.To consider matters concerning the Sutton Bridge Wombles and the District Council.

24.To consider arrangements for the propeller service 03 September 2023.

25.To resolve to change the start time of future Parish Council meetings to 19:00hrs.

26.To resolve on moving into closed session [Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s.1(2).]     

27.To consider quotes for works [confidential terms of tenders, proposals in negotiations].

28.To consider matters relating to individual garden allotment tenants [confidential potential disputes].

29.To consider staffing & administration matters [confidential conditions of employment, grievance or disciplinary proceedings, personal matters].