About the Parish Council

A parish council is the tier of government that is closest to the electorate. It may share responsibilities for local services with principal authorities such as a district and county council.

In the case of Sutton Bridge Parish Council, it has responsibility for garden allotments, a park and play equipment, a sports pavilion, the parish clock, a cemetery, farmland, and various pieces of street furniture, such as some bins, seats, and bus shelters. It can spend a limited amount of money on anything it deems of benefit to the community, not otherwise provided for.

At full strength, Sutton Bridge Parish Council has eleven elected members, including the chair and vice-chair. Elections for a new Council take place every four years, the last ordinary elections took place in May 2023. If any casual vacancies arise these will be published on the website and on the Parish Council's notice board at the entrance to the Curlew Centre.

The Council has three staff, all of them part-time: the clerk, who is also the Council’s responsible financial officer; an administration assistant; and an outside operative.

The Parish of Sutton Bridge is in the District of South Holland. It has an electorate of 3,397 and a population of around 4,500. The Parish covers an area of  51.7 square kilometres and is located on the south-easterly edge of the County of Lincolnshire.

Sutton Bridge is situated on the River Nene, across which it links Lincolnshire to the County of Norfolk via the Crosskeys Swing Bridge. On the Parish's northern boundary, the River Nene flows into the Wash, and the Village has the advantage of its own port, with a marina for smaller boats and leisure craft.

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Last updated: 15/11/23